For those who enjoy ice in their drink, it would be absolutely devastating to open the refrigerator and see that all the foods and beverages are warm. The same happens if we take our garments from our washing machine still dirty or soggy. No doubt, in such cases, we need a major appliance repair service to the rescue. Mamaroneck Appliance & Service, Inc. is a well-respected company offering timely and quality repairs. We operate in the Mamaroneck, NY proximity and surroundings.

What appliances does your company service?

We do pretty much everything, from refrigerators to ovens, ranges, dishwashers, and ice machines. Our technicians are qualified to tackle washer and dryer repairs for most major brands, including Miele, Bosch, Wolf, Monogram, etc.

Do you respond and arrive on time?

We respect your time. Of course, our technicians will respond to your phone call in a timely manner. We will arrive at the appointment time and get you out of a situation as quickly as possible.

Is your business legitimate?

Yes, our appliance repair service provider is licensed, insured, and certified.

How do I know if my unit is worth fixing?

This can be tough. Some units show signs of failure but still repairable, whereas others look nice on the outside but are inefficient. We can give you an accurate and full diagnostic once we inspect them from top to bottom. Since our technicians have 30 years of experience in the industry, you can expect a professional opinion and recommendations.

How much do you charge for your services?

This is the sweetest part of our job. The greatest reward for us as experts is to see your smile when your appliances work fine again and you have paid us pretty reasonable fees. Our company offers free estimates and fantastic rates.

Why does my dishwasher make grinding noises?

From all the noises in the world, you don't want to hear grinding noises coming out of any of your appliances. If they come from a dishwasher, food and debris might have stuck in the motor, the motor bearing might be worn, or the unit itself is not tightly fastened to the cabinet or floor. Whatever it is, it deserves professional intervention. Do not wait and call Mamaroneck Appliance and Service at (914) 698-1176 for dependable dishwasher repair right away.

Do you do commercial appliance repairs?

No, we provide services only to residential property owners.

I have a new appliance, but it won't start. Why?

Many appliances periodically get unplugged. Just check if they are disconnected or if there are any problems with your home electrical system. Do not forget to check the power cord for any cracks, breakage, or other signs of damage.

How can I extend the lifespan of my kitchen appliances?

It is easy. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and troubleshoot any issues right after they occur. Clean them periodically, do not overload them, and keep an eye on strange noises.

How can I reach you?

You can reach our laundry repair company in Mamaroneck, NY by dialing our phone number. You can also send us an email on our website. Our technicians will be happy to discuss with your home appliance needs. For high-quality refrigerator repair and other fixes and warranties, you can call us now.